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April 26, 2012

I suffer from Crohn’s disease, at the mild end of the spectrum. I’ve probably had it for twenty years and have flare-ups once every two or three months, but they’re not too bad and are generally controlled with the drugs I use: Mesalazine, prednisolone enemas.

Things have got a little worse in the last year or so. Firstly, the drug I was taking, flurbiprofen, ceased to exist, and I changed to naproxen which wasn’t as effective. In October 2011 I changed to celecoxib and also started taking methotrexate, 15mg per week. For some reason, linked to production, prednisolone enemas seem to be difficult to obtain at present (April 2012.) That’s a shame for me because I usually found them to be quite effective: not only did they dampen the intestinal inflammation but they made me feel much better, too. I was often able to avoid taking time off work, or at least not too much.

I’ve had a difficult time in the last three months. I’ve had a total of about ten days off work so far since mid February which is a lot bearing in mind I’ve also had a two-week holiday. I’m a teacher in a secondary school in inner-city Bradford and I’ve found consistently that, after working hard on Monday and Tuesday, I can hardly get out of bed on Wednesday. I feel weak and overwhelmed with fatigue and occasionally nauseous.

Overall, however, I’m still on the mild end of the spectrum as I’ve never needed surgery.

What is your experience of methotrexate?

To what extent does stress affect disease activity? What type of stress seems to trigger the disease: mental, physical? Have you found a way of managing things in this respect? For example, I’m wondering how things would be if I were to work a maximum of seven or eight hours in any one day (+normal housework) but I’d struggle to do my job properly if this were the case.

What about diet? Opinion seems very mixed here but I’d consider trying some things such as giving up caffeine, milk or red meat.

I feel like my life needs some significant re-balancing.